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QBS Canada


A coalition of associations, companies, and professionals advocating for the use of Qualifications Based Selection (QBS) when hiring professional services firms in Canada.

Since 1972, QBS has been required by law in the United States.

Hundreds of thousands of Canadian professionals think it's about time Canada caught up...

The objectives of the coalition are:

  • Raising the awareness of QBS and its benefits in the procurement, government, and professional services communities in Canada
  • Facilitating the trial of QBS by procurement professionals in organizations across Canada by providing QBS seminars and presentations
  • Setting the stage for new procurement policies and a "Canadian Brooks Act” covering not just architecture and engineering but all professional services

Using QBS ensures that governments and organizations in Canada will hire the best-qualified firms at fair and competitive prices, instead of lesser qualified firms at artificially low prices. The benefits of QBS to buyers, vendors, and Canadian taxpayers are significant.


Deliver seminars and presentations to procurement and government professionals across Canada on the subject of implementing their first QBS procurement.


Advocate to governments at all levels with an emphasis on the creation of legislation or policy at all levels (similar to the Brooks Act in the US) requiring QBS processes for professional services hired by the federal government.


Work with professionals across Canada to coordinate existing local QBS advocacy communications campaigns and efforts.

If you would like to help bring QBS to Canada contact Cal Harrison at 1 (204) 293-2411 or