"We fully appreciate that design services are professional services that should not be purchased as a commodity based upon price, but should be selected based upon provider qualifications."

Gena L. Abraham

Director and Executive Secretary, Georgia State Financing & Investment Commission


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In the United States, since 1972, QBS procurement processes have been required by law under The Brooks Act when hiring certain professions for US federal government projects. As well over 40 states have similar legislation requiring QBS for certain professional services procurement.

Increasingly, more jurisdictions in Canada and around the globe are shifting to the QBS procurement methodology either through policy or legislation changes.

September 12, 2018 - Download the complete report and executive summary:  Qualifications-Based Selection (QBS): Best Practice for Architecture, Engineering and Construction Management/General Contractor Procurement in Canada


Read the 2018 City of Winnipeg civic election QBS survey here - Few City Candidates Concerned About Infrastructure Spending

In Canada QBS has long been used in Calgary and the province of Quebec and now Ontario and Alberta are making inroads along with other jurisdictions. More information is available at the links below.

City of Calgary

Province of Quebec

Ontario (Metrolinx)

Other QBS Resources

February 2018 - Government of Canada announces a pilot of QBS

Montreal Gazette article identifies that low bid contracts usually went to least qualified firms.

A joint research study by the buyers (American Public Works Association) and the vendors (American Council of Engineering Companies) provides great data about the benefits of QBS. An Analysis of Issues Pertaining to Qualifications Based Selection (University of Colorado/Georgia Institute of Technology/APWA/ACEC USA)

Five Billion Reasons to Change the RFP  A TedX talk about why we should abandon the low bid request for proposal process by Management Consultant Cal Harrison.

Information on the US legislation that since 1972 has made low bid selection of architecture and engineering vendors illegal in the United States. The Brooks Act

A 2015 Report from The Auditor General of Ontario detailing how the low-bid procurement process, contractors’ performance and other factors have led to a decrease in winter highway maintenance service levels across the
province, resulting in less safe driving conditions.

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