QBS works because it sets up a collaborative team approach from the outset. Working as a team and providing the design consultant with the resources to be innovative has positive impacts on the construction and life-cycle costs of infrastructure,”

Jennifer Enns, P.Eng., Manager of Corporate Engineering and Energy Services in the City of Calgary

Why QBS?

The low bid request for proposal process costs Canada about $5 Billion every year.

By hiring the most qualified professional services firm at a fair price, instead of just selecting any firm at the lowest price, organizations and governments in Canada can remove over $5 billion dollars of economic waste from the Canadian economy - waste that taxpayers and investors currently pay for.

And while reducing wasteful spending we can also improve the innovation and international competitiveness of our country.

Watch the 3.5 minute video explaining how current low bid request for proposal procurement processes generate over $5 billion each year in economic waste.

Qualifications Based Selection provides the following benefits to buyers and vendors:

Benefits To Buyers of Professional Services

  • Easier identification of the most qualified vendors
  • Collaborative instead of adversarial vendor relationships
  • More accurate project estimates meaning fewer project cost overruns
  • Lower procurement costs
  • More innovative project results
  • Reduced life-cycle cost of projects

Benefits To Vendors of Professional Services

  • Reduced sales costs
  • Collaborative instead of adversarial client relationships
  • Opportunities for innovation and life-cycle planning